Our "Quit Your Day Job" Success Story!

Welcome! Eleven years ago we left our native Oregon to relocate to Utah for Joe's company. We loved it there - the snow, the sunshine, the people...we loved Utah! The only downside to our move was Joe worked really long hours. While it was wonderful being home to raise our daughter, there were a lot of hours in the day. Having been a fabric stasher (hoarder) for years, Tayva turned to her stash to sew up all kinds of fun toys and gifts for friends and family. As more of our friends were having boys Tayva struggled to find "fun boy fabric" at local quilt shops to sew with. After a little time online Tayva found Etsy, and the fabric shop dream was born.

Our shop started as one shelf of fabric. We spent our entire budget on the first 22 bolts and we nervously listed it hoping you all would find us and want to shop with us. You did, THANK YOU!!!

Originally Tayva started StitchStashDiva as a little side-business to help finance her own sewing and crafting, but as we sold fabric we were so excited we reinvested instead of spending it. As we expanded to two shelves of fabric, our sales increased all the more. We were thrilled!!!

Our turning point was when Joe told Tayva to buy whatever she wanted! Best.Words.Ever!!! With our next fabric shipment we quadrupled our inventory, and sales launched!

As the fabric shop grew, Joe realized that while he loved his company we relocated for, he really wanted to be home working in the shop and being a much more hands-on parent. Yay! Soon we had three daughters and moved to California to gain access to the best doctors for our medically complex daughter, and both worked from home. We LOVED it!!! THANK YOU all for choosing our shop and for contributing to our dream!

We quickly grew beyond the size of our home and moved to a big warehouse, complete with a playroom and indoor playground for our three daughters. Rough Life! ;-)

Now, eleven years into our fabric shop we have weekly Live Shows on our app and on Facebook as well as a 20,000sqft building! With 10,000sqft of retail space we have the largest selection of quilt fabric and Cuddle/Minky in all of Northern California. Please come visit!

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When you choose to shop with us you are helping us support our family. THANK YOU!

We are so grateful to each and every one of our customers. We absolutely love the connections we make with our customers and we love seeing your pictures as well as watching all of your businesses grow! Please drop us a note anytime, we love hearing from you!

Thanks for stopping by!

- Tayva & Joe